Fix regression introduced in 8523874dcec2c4bec0ec5fe7180e6cf4fca9ab9e
[tools.git] / letsencrypt-helper / refresh-acme-certificate
2018-06-13 Andreas BilkeFix regression introduced in 8523874dcec2c4bec0ec5fe718...
2018-06-12 Andreas Bilkeacme-tiny add the intermediate cert by itself
2016-11-16 Andreas Bilkeuse traps and fix potentially wrong permissions
2016-09-07 Andreas Bilkeforgot about the csr variable
2016-07-26 Andreas BilkeStop script if mktemp fails
2016-07-26 Andreas BilkeRevert "Support for creating backup certificates (HPKP)"
2016-07-26 Andreas BilkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-06-17 Andreas Bilkefix file existence checks
2016-06-17 Andreas BilkeSupport for creating backup certificates (HPKP)
2016-02-29 Andreas BilkeChange return code
2016-02-28 Andreas Bilkehook scripts should work now
2016-02-07 Andreas BilkeCorrect hook call
2016-02-04 Andreas BilkeFixed if. wrong variable.
2016-02-04 Andreas BilkePass domain name to hook scripts
2016-02-04 Andreas BilkeMore error checking
2016-02-03 Andreas BilkeBetter log messages
2016-02-03 Andreas BilkeCode improvements
2016-02-03 Andreas BilkeRemove bashisms
2016-02-03 Andreas BilkeAdding post-hooks
2016-01-28 Andreas BilkeMove scripts into subfolders