2018-12-31 Andreas BilkeUse AT specific frequencies
2018-12-31 Andreas BilkeFreeBSD hints in README
2018-07-13 Andreas Bilkecert redirect didn't worked
2018-06-14 Andreas Bilkeadd licence header
2018-06-13 Andreas BilkeFix regression introduced in 8523874dcec2c4bec0ec5fe718...
2018-06-12 Andreas Bilkefreebsd helper scripts
2018-06-12 Andreas Bilkeacme-tiny add the intermediate cert by itself
2018-05-06 Andreas Bilkeconcretise license informations
2017-12-08 Andreas BilkeConvert hello bank! csv to homebank
2017-12-06 Andreas BilkeValid markdown and new section about banking scripts
2017-11-19 Andreas BilkeMake info field empty. Not needed
2017-11-19 Andreas BilkeCatch non parsable dates
2017-10-08 Andreas BilkeConverter for ing diba transaction file to homebank...
2017-08-14 Andreas BilkeRevert "Use trap for cleanup"
2017-05-30 Andreas BilkeUse trap for cleanup
2016-12-22 Andreas BilkeOptional argument for DNS master IP
2016-12-22 Andreas BilkeUse v6 for query
2016-11-16 Andreas Bilkeuse traps and fix potentially wrong permissions
2016-11-16 Andreas BilkeRemoved unused variable
2016-11-15 Andreas BilkeCheck zone signatures
2016-10-14 Andreas BilkeVariable order
2016-10-14 Andreas BilkeMerge branch 'master' of
2016-10-14 Andreas BilkeMerge branch 'master' of
2016-10-07 Andreas BilkeMerge branch 'master' of
2016-10-07 Andreas BilkeUpdate ksk rotate scripts
2016-09-25 Andreas BilkeCreate dhparams for different services
2016-09-21 Andreas BilkeCopy file instead of moving. Restart server
2016-09-21 Andreas BilkeScript for generating dhparams
2016-09-13 Andreas BilkeBug fix. Generate KSK instead of ZSK
2016-09-11 Andreas BilkeMake algorithm/keysize explicit
2016-09-07 Andreas Bilkeforgot about the csr variable
2016-08-29 Andreas Bilkeaddjust readme
2016-08-25 Andreas BilkeBigger rollover time
2016-08-25 Andreas Bilkefix rotation time
2016-08-23 Andreas BilkeAdd port argument
2016-08-23 Andreas Bilkesmtp start tls support
2016-08-23 Andreas BilkeMore sophisticated stuff
2016-08-22 Andreas BilkeRename scripts
2016-08-22 Andreas BilkeHelper scripts for KSK rotation
2016-08-22 Andreas Bilkeuse recursion instead of shell globbing
2016-08-22 Andreas Bilkerename script. typo
2016-08-21 Andreas BilkeBug fix
2016-08-21 Andreas BilkeBug fix
2016-08-21 Andreas BilkeRotate ZSK
2016-07-26 Andreas BilkeStop script if mktemp fails
2016-07-26 Andreas BilkeRevert "Support for creating backup certificates (HPKP)"
2016-07-26 Andreas BilkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-07-26 Andreas Bilkerename handler function to reflect the used SIGNAL
2016-06-17 Andreas BilkeHelper Script
2016-06-17 Andreas Bilkefix file existence checks
2016-06-17 Andreas BilkeSupport for creating backup certificates (HPKP)
2016-06-12 Andreas Bilkedelete acme responder by user name instead of script...
2016-06-12 Andreas Bilkefixed script
2016-05-20 Andreas Bilkeuse real bash
2016-05-20 Andreas Bilkeshould work with bash
2016-05-20 Andreas Bilkecheck tlsa nagios plugin
2016-05-18 Andreas BilkeAdd License file
2016-04-04 Andreas Bilkefixed default path for acme http responder
2016-03-26 Andreas BilkePrevent file requests with relativ paths
2016-02-29 Andreas BilkeChange return code
2016-02-28 Andreas Bilkehook scripts should work now
2016-02-17 Andreas BilkeAdd readme
2016-02-12 Andreas BilkeFix exec command
2016-02-11 Andreas BilkeBackuppc wrapper with whitelist
2016-02-07 Andreas BilkeCorrect hook call
2016-02-05 Andreas BilkeMove allow commands file to /etc
2016-02-04 Andreas BilkeFixed if. wrong variable.
2016-02-04 Andreas BilkePass domain name to hook scripts
2016-02-04 Andreas BilkeRemoved bashisms
2016-02-04 Andreas BilkeMore error checking
2016-02-03 Andreas BilkeBetter log messages
2016-02-03 Andreas BilkeCode improvements
2016-02-03 Andreas BilkeRemove bashisms
2016-02-03 Andreas BilkeAdding post-hooks
2016-01-28 Andreas BilkeMove scripts into subfolders
2016-01-28 Andreas BilkeStand alone ACME responder with wrapper scripts
2016-01-28 Andreas BilkeTool to combine private and public keys into a single...
2016-01-28 Andreas BilkeAdd wrapper for cert refresh with acme-tiny
2016-01-28 Andreas BilkeWrapper script for restricted remote nagios checks