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2019-01-11 Andreas Bilkeconvert hellobank credit card csvs
2018-12-31 Andreas BilkeUse AT specific frequencies
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2018-06-13 Andreas BilkeFix regression introduced in 8523874dcec2c4bec0ec5fe718...
2018-06-12 Andreas Bilkefreebsd helper scripts
2018-06-12 Andreas Bilkeacme-tiny add the intermediate cert by itself
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2017-12-08 Andreas BilkeConvert hello bank! csv to homebank
2017-12-06 Andreas BilkeValid markdown and new section about banking scripts
2017-11-19 Andreas BilkeMake info field empty. Not needed
2017-11-19 Andreas BilkeCatch non parsable dates
2017-10-08 Andreas BilkeConverter for ing diba transaction file to homebank...
2017-08-14 Andreas BilkeRevert "Use trap for cleanup"
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